Post-Hurricane Matthew Windshield Replacement

Tampa, FL-based Glassmetics offering windshield replacement along Florida Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast of Florida was lashed by Hurricane Matthew, a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 100 MPH late in the day on Thursday and continuing into Friday. If you were in your home when the weather hit, you heard it literally, in the form of debris hitting your home and parked vehicles.

What if the debris kicked-up by Hurricane Matthew shattered your windshield, side auto glass or rear auto glass? The windshield and auto glass replacement specialists from Glassmetics offered helpful information to vehicle owners from Jacksonville, FL to Orlando, FL.


A Florida resident with a motor vehicle will need to maintain a comprehensive insurance plan to ensure that a hurricane damaged windshield will be covered. It is important to note that Florida law normally prevents a vehicle owner with comprehensive coverage from having to pay a deductible.


If we are talking about a windshield that is shattered, you will not want to clean the broken glass on your own. Instead, no matter if you reside in a harder hit area in Daytona Beach, or your windshield suffered damage in the relatively untouched Tampa, you will want to make a call to an auto glass professional to schedule a mobile visit to your home. The technician will vacuum all pieces of auto glass from your vehicle and surrounding area, and then prepare the vehicle and install a new windshield.

If you find that you windshield is cracked, you will want to contact our office at 844-854-5277 to speak to a specialist about the potential hazards associated with driving while you have a damaged windshield. The same specialists will be able to help you schedule in-shop appointment or a visit from a mobile windshield installation specialist at your home.

Tampa-headquarted Glassmetics offers, or will soon be offering in-shop and mobile windshield and auto glass repair and replacement in:

  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Daytona Beach
  • Jacksonville
  • Melbourne
  • Clearwater
  • Brandon
  • Palm Harbor
  • St. Petersburg.

An expedient post-hurricane windshield replacement can be scheduled by calling 844-854-5277 27/7. An appointment can also be initiated online by submitting contact information at

Source: Glassmetics